Our favorite rally car driver Andreas Bakkerud won the Rally of Turkey this weekend, right after his birthday on Friday! We wish him a very happy 23rd birthday and are so proud of him for his victory to make that piece of birthday cake after the race taste sweeter than ever. The Norwegian youngster will get another chance at a victory to close the season in Argentina next month and we’re certain he’s going to show up like a boss.
After his victory, Andreas celebrated and posted a thank you to all his fans on his Facebook page: “VICTORY!!!!! Thank you all for your support!! #turkeyrx been absolutly AWESOME!!! #likeaboss” (He never forgets his Like A Boss Family and we love to watch him destroy the opposition when he’s racing!)
Below are a few pictures of Like A Boss sponsored driver Andreas Bakkerud at the Rally of Turkey. He had win written all over him!
Victory would be his and he would not be denied. As Andreas himself puts it, “Hard work pays off.” Simple and to the point. A heap of talent and a family that supports him relentlessly also helps, but yeah… hard work is a must! If you’d like to see just how excited his family was during the Rally of Turkey, check out the video from his FB page here. His mom is as dedicated a fan as any athlete could wish for!
And now… more pictures of Andreas after the race had been won, the dust settled (literally) and he emerged victorious. We also included some more pictures of his sweet ride for good measure! It’s a beautiful car.
Keep being boss and winning races, Andreas Bakkerud!