If you’ve been following our series about the most bosslike — and very Norwegian — Rally Cross driver Andreas Bakkerud on Like A Boss TV, then you’ve probably come to the conclusion (like us) that people from Norway tend to be pretty damn amazing. The story that is about to follow just reinforces that belief in our minds and possibly yours as well.
Lars Jørun Langøien from Norway is 36 years old and enjoys nice, freezing-cold lakes to go for a casual swim in. Recently, he was about to go for a swim in an icy lake to give his Viking immune system an extra boost (like it isn’t getting enough of a surge from his epic beard), when he noticed a duck going for a stroll on the frozen lake.
Unfortunately for the poor duck, the ice wasn’t very thick and cracked under the bird’s weight. Needless to say, the duck ended up in the icy water and death was all but certain. Enter Lars, the ice bathing Norwegian superhero with a beard that would fill Odin’s heart with pride.
Without even a bit of hesitation, the hero hopped into the frozen lake, shattered the ice like a boss, grabbed the duck about to freeze-drown to death, and got that sucker back to dry land! Rumor has it that Lars even gave the duck mouth-to-beak in order to bring it back to life.
While most people would’ve been unable to jump into freezing cold water to rescue a duck (or maybe they just wouldn’t be brave enough), the newly crowned Viking King of Ducks Lars Jørun Langøien was there to save the day for this bird about to lose its life to the treacherously dangerous and cold waters of a Norwegian lake in early winter.
We applaud the King of Ducks. May his beard forever remain bosslike and his compassion for animals persist for a lifetime.