Now that it’s clear the New England Patriots will face off against the Seattle Seahawks in this year’s Super Bowl, their two most famous fans took to Twitter and ended up making a very uplifting Super Bowl bet!
Chris Evans, who you probably know as Steve Rogers or Captain America, initiated the little back and forth on Twitter with his opening statement that him and Chris Pratt are now enemies for the next two weeks. Quite fittingly, Captain America is a die-hard Patriots fan and hails from Boston.

Chris Pratt, whom you probably know as Peter Jason Quill or Star-Lord from 2014’s highest-grossing movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘, fired back with a comment about the Seattle Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson being the one true Captain America. Chris Pratt is from Seattle and is part of the 12th Man as one of the Seahawks biggest fans (and likely the most famous one).

Evans shot back insinuating an upcoming Super Bowl bet and Pratt was not going to disappoint! The stakes were named and the bet was quickly accepted by both parties. If the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl, Chris Evans will have to fly to Seattle and visit the kids at Seattle Children’s Hopsital dressed as Captain America. If the New England Patriots emerge victorious on Super Bowl Sunday, then so will Chris Evans by winning this bet. Chris Pratt will then have to visit Christopher’s Haven (which provides supportive housing for families with kids battling pediatric cancer) in a Tom Brady jersey!

This bet is amazing. Some sick kids will definitely get to meet a superhero and we support any bets with a charitable and uplifting idea behind them like this one! Pratt and Evans are betting like a boss! And LOL @ “seachickens”.