Alex Tillinghast is a freshman at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. The first-year student got a chance to take part in the basketball challenge of the Bulldog Madness preseason kickoff event, and let’s just say he made use of the opportunity! The prize to win was a brand new Ford F-150!
The basketball challenge requires you to hit a layup, a free-throw, a 3-pointer, and a half-court shot… all in 30 seconds! Now, this would be quite difficult — and by quite difficult, I mean borderline impossible — for a seasoned veteran basketball player at the NBA level, but anyone else is most likely shit out of luck. To make matters worse for him, Alex Tillinghast showed up wearing khakis!
After needing three tries just to hit the layup, things didn’t seem to be going Alex’s way and he was in dire need of a basketball miracle. He managed to hit the free-throw on the first try and then it was on to the dilemma of being a college kid rockin’ khakis while trying to nail a 3-pointer! Four tries later, he finally hit the 3-pointer with virtually no time left. With just TWO SECONDS left on the clock, he catapulted the half-court shot toward the basket and sunk that bad boy at the buzzer to win a new Ford F-150 from Noble Auto Group. Jackpot, baby!
Huge congrats from us, Alex Tillinghast! We hope you enjoy that new truck! Make sure to give that basketball player who grabbed all your rebounds like a boss some free rides!