Doctor Victor Ho is a boss among men and I’m about to tell you why! One afternoon, he was coming home with his two daughters after picking them up from school, when he walked in on his house being robbed by two young men. One of the burglars held a gun to his head and he was forced to open his safe. He said, “When you got a gun to your head, you make the decision and open the safe.”
The two home invaders had posed as delivery guys, when they overpowered Dr. Ho’s housekeeper to get into the home and tied her up in the bathroom. After later forcing Ho to open his safe, the two criminals wearing ski masks made off with a bunch of cash, jewelry, and even some weapons.
Most people would just be shocked and devastated, but Doctor Victor Ho isn’t most people. He noticed that one of the men during the burglary was reluctant to go through with it, so he’s offering them a free college education if they come forward, confess to the crime, and turn themselves into the police.

He said, “This is not something to reward someone who has committed a crime. This is pointing at society and trying to say, ‘listen, we need to get this element out’ and what’s the best way? Education, education. That’s where I am today and I push that to all my kids.”
Forgiveness without hesitation or stipulations is an important life value that is often overlooked by people, but not by Dr. Ho. If these men do the right thing and confess to the crime, they will receive college tuition to better their lives for the future. The only question that remains: Will they take advantage of this great opportunity provided to them or will they continue to be criminals?! We’re hoping the former.