This all went down at an elementary school in Boston, Massachusetts. 26-year-old 3rd grade teacher Nicole “Nikki” Bollerman at UP Academy Dorchester entered the Capital One #WishForOthers contest and won it!
Part of the prize was that every child in her class would receive three books of Bollerman’s choosing. The other part was $150,000, which Bollerman promptly donated to her school so they could use it to improve the education of the students there. It’s her desire that the school provides programming classes with improved computer access for the children.
She said, “I really made the wish for my students and I was blessed, lucky and thankful that Capital One gave me the opportunity. Since I made the wish for my students I thought I would do something to make their lives better rather than spend it on myself.” And she definitely did that.
The three books she choose for each kid in her class to take home over winter break were “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul,” “My Father’s Dragon,” and “Where the Wild Things Are.” She had a unique reason to choose each book, i.e. “My Father’s Dragon” because it was one of her favorite chapter books she read growing up.
The school teacher also wanted every child in 3rd grade at her school to be able to take home a book for their December break, so she got together with her mother and bought every 3rd grader not in her class a book as well. What a boss move!
Reading is a very important part of growing up and it’s no surprise a school teacher would place such high value on children having books to read. It will improve their lives long term to have access to books that will both entertain and educate them.
Nicole “Nikki” Bollerman, you are truly a boss and we commend you for the unselfish deed of giving away your $150k in winnings to improve the education of elementary school children where you work!