It’s a shame that many people could learn a really valuable lesson from an elephant. Not because this elephant isn’t awesome and bosslike, but because people should really know to pick up after themselves and not have to depend on a badass elephant to do it for them.
At the Thornhill Safari Lodge in Limpopo, South Africa, a surveillance camera brilliantly captured this uplifting footage of a gentle giant picking up litter from the ground and tossing it into a nearby trash can with its trunk. Elephants are the largest land animals living today and continuously show us how awesome they are.
The video above is just a small sampling of what these incredible animals are capable of and the kind of social creatures they are. Sometimes I’m shocked at how much we are able to learn from animals and we often seem to overlook simple life lessons like this one.
If you see litter laying around somewhere, be a boss and pick it up. It’s not doing the environment any good to have trash flying around all over the place, even a big ole elephant knows that!