This 33-year-old guy is Blake Beckford, a fitness model that does not give up easily. He won the transformation category in a Pure elite fitness competition, and this is after he got the diagnose “Ulcerative Colitis” back in 2003.
Blake was doing his normal workout for the competition when he all of a sudden was falling ill. When he arrived at the hospital the doctors told him that the dream he had of being a fitness model was not to be for filled.
Blake Backford proved those doctors wrong like a boss! On the 2nd of November, he won the transformation category, but also came 4th place for tattooed muscle model and fifth for fitness model under 75 kg.

Can’t believe I won #maletrasformation doing it for the #ibd and #nocoloncrew #pureelite

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We have written a lot about becoming fit and being confident on this week, but being confident with a colostomy bag on your stomach when you work out must do some crazy things with your brain. In 2013, 10 years after he was diagnosed, he took the operation and got the colostomy bag on his stomach. Soon after, he hit the gym and started to work on this goal. And what a result he got.