The boys on the football team at Yucaipa High School are some terrific young men. When they found out that their teammate’s mother Sarah Amento is currently battling Stage IV Triple Negative Breast Cancer, they made the decision to brighten her day during their championship game.
Triple Negative Breast Cancer is an aggressive type of breast cancer that must be treated with chemotherapy and Amento has experienced hair loss associated with chemo as a result. Stage IV means that the cancer has advanced beyond the breasts into other parts of the body. It’s not easy to treat.
On the day of the championship game, the boys on the football team rocked pink socks in support of Sarah Amento. Before their pre-game warmup drills, they brought her onto the field and one by one handed her roses. They removed their helmets to reveal that they had also shaved their heads in support of her battle against breast cancer.
They won the game in dominant fashion and posed for victory photos with the mom wearing pink tutus, also in an effort to raise awareness about breast cancer and show their support. They were champions in more than one way that day and we are truly inspired by what these football players did for a mother fighting breast cancer. A truly selfless act to dedicate their championship game day to her in such a heartfelt way. Big-ups to the entire team and coach for helping them pull this off so well!