Today, we’d like to announce a sponsorship we are extremely proud of here at Like A Boss: UFC Welterweight fighter Hector ‘Lightning’ Lombard!
Hector Lombard In The Beginning:
Before taking the Ultimate Fighting Championship Welterweight Division by storm, Hector Lombard was an extremely accomplished fighter in the martial art of Judo. Born and raised in Cuba, even in his youth his terrific athleticism and will to win were so apparent that he was given the opportunity to train at a national academy for Judo in Havana. Only the very best young fighters are chosen for this type of training. Hector once again excelled and dominated at a national level (winning gold medals left and right) to a point where he was chosen to compete at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 as part of the Olympic Judo Team of Cuba.
A former Olympian and extraordinarily talented fighter, Hector Lombard was not satisfied with his great accomplishments he had already achieved at such a young age and decided to delve into mixed martial arts. He wanted to see the world and fight the best in MMA, so he set out on an unstoppable path to become one of the elite MMA fighters of the renowned UFC.
While his Judo skills are beyond superb and he holds a 4th dan in the martial art, he is also a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and his ferociously explosive fighting style makes opponents fearful of his violently effective arsenal of devastating punches. Heavily muscled and compact, Hector Lombard possesses an unmatched amount of KO power in the Welterweight Division and we very much look forward to seeing more viciously fast knockouts from this fine gentleman!
Hector Invades Bellator Fighting Championships Like A Boss!
On a war path to greatness, Hector Lombard faced many challenges and competed in Bellator Fighting Championships before entering the UFC. During his time at Bellator, he quickly became the Middleweight Champion by winning a tournament for the belt, after which he recorded the fastest knockout in Bellator history with just 6 seconds (video below).

Also during his time at Bellator, Hector knocked out former NFL running back for the Green Bay Packers, Herbert Goodman, in the first round like a boss!

Hector Lombard In The UFC
More recently, Hector has been signed by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the most elite and largest mixed martial arts company in the world, where he competes in the Welterweight Division and is clearly among the top contenders for the Championship.
On March 15th, 2014, Hector Lombard took on Jake Shields (former Strikeforce Middleweight Champion) and annihilated him so badly in a 3-round beatdown that the UFC ended up releasing Jake Shields. Most of the fight just looked like a clinic on Judo throws, as evidenced in the video below.
(Source: UFC)
Keep Being Bosslike, Hector!
We are delighted and honored to have the chance to sponsor Hector Lombard and cannot wait to see him rockin’ our gear in the Octagon. He is definitely a boss!