Most people would try to flee as quickly as possible, if they saw members of the notorious biker gang Hells Angels walk into a store in full force. Sometimes they aren’t showing up to kick ass though.
On Black Friday in Fresno, California, at a Walmart store, a bunch of Hells Angels members went on a little shopping spree, when they bought all the bicycles on a Black Friday ad from the store to give them to homeless kids. A total of over 200 bikes were purchased by Hells Angels for the less fortunate children.
The bikers then took the 200+ bicycles to the Poverello House in Fresno, which is a local nonprofit organization that aims to enrich the lives of the homeless. They work mostly via donations like the massive amount of bikes they got from Hells Angels on Black Friday!
And this isn’t the first time the motorcycle club has hooked up kids in need with toys for Christmas. Their Fresno chapter actually has a toy run every year and it’s usually pretty damn big! You know the Hells Angels go hard in the paint when it comes to partying, and this is no different.
While we don’t condone most of the things bikers in these types of gangs are known and notorious for, we do think this is a great thing they’re doing and we’re sure the kids really love their brand new bikes. Things aren’t always black and white. Sometimes the gray area inbetween isn’t the worst place to hang out at for a bit.
Thank you to these tough guys for making Xmas a little more special for some children in a rough situation. Below is a picture of one of the Fresno bikers that paid for the bicycles at Walmart. It’s going viral!