We wrote about John Davids amazing wight-loss story the other day. He had lost 160 lbs but still have a lot of loose skin. Even though he was brave enough to take his clothes off and tell his story.
Ellen Degeneres loves all that is good on the interwebs, so when she heard about the amazing story of John David, she had to invite him to the studio. John David and Ellen talks about the most important thing with doing something hard like loosing a lot of wight, and it’s all about the click. Once you get the click and hold yourself to it, amazing results will come. John David used two years of his life to get the result he got.
Even though John got a lot of loose skin on his body, he says in his video that he is proud of himself. After uploading the video on youtube and telling his story, many people had offered him a surgery for free. But that was not the reason he John made this video. John is comfortable in his skin, just like he said in the video, so ha turned down every surgery offer he gets. His scars are a symbol of his battle, John says.
Amazed by this story, Ellen gives John a gift that really blows the minds of everybody. See it in the video blelow!