This guy named Dan just turned 30 years old. Before it all went down, he did his best to spread the word around the Internet in order to get his favorite musician to attend his birthday party. You see, Dan is Kid Rock’s #1 fan and wanted to celebrate turning the big 3-0 with the rockstar from Detroit. You may notice that Dan has Down Syndrome, but more importantly Dan is the man!
Dan and Kid Rock are both Michiganders with a shared love for rock music and guitars. To set up the surprise for Dan, Kid Rock sent out the waiter at Clarkston Union restaurant to sing an awful recital of the Happy Birthday song for Dan. He looked a little confused, but tried to stay positive even though his 30th birthday party wasn’t going as well as he had hoped for!
Then it happened. Kid Rock came out singing Happy Birthday to Dan and brought with him a baller cake for his #1 fan.  As you can imagine, Dan’s face lit up with excitement when he saw his favorite musician of all time at his 30th birthday party. After blowing out his birthday candles, Dan got a chance to sit and chill with Kid Rock, who presented him with a few gifts including a custom Kid Rock guitar!
It was truly a #BawitaBirthday!