A guy named Ernst Berlin wanted to do something very special and memorable for his wife Agnes’ birthday, so he took to the Internet and arranged for the best birthday gift ever: Amazing hand-drawn portraits of their 8 month old son! When this man surprises his wife on her birthday, he does it right and he does it big like a boss.
On the popular link-sharing web site Reddit, he managed to find a section called RedditGetsDrawn, which allows users on the web site to post photographs of themselves for artists to draw and/or paint. It was the perfect place to find 22 talented artists from around the world to commission for the epic project he had come up with.
Each artist received 40 photographs of Ernst and Agnes’ 8 month old son, which Ernst had taken throughout the 8 months of the young boy’s life so far, and was asked to choose one to re-imagine using their own mode of artistry and technique. With the unique style of each artist, every custom portrait is one of a kind. After getting all the portraits from the artists he found on Reddit, he assembled them like a gallery on their bedroom wall inside the home he, his wife and their son share.
When he revealed this incredibly heartwarming birthday gift to his wife on their bedroom wall, she couldn’t do much except weep tears of joy and hug & kiss him repeatedly to thank him for the thoughtful present. She was truly moved, as you can see in the video above, and I don’t think she could’ve been happier than this with any other surprise! Well done, sir.