This all went down in Fresno, California a day or two ago. Somehow, a house caught on fire and an older man was still trapped inside. 911 had been called and firefighters were on their way, but they would’ve been too late to rescue the man, so clearly a hero was needed.
As the older man’s daughter informed everyone that her father was still trapped inside their home, a brave — seemingly random — hero decided to take matters into his own hands and calmly walked inside the burning house. A few seconds later, he emerged with the woman’s father over his shoulders as a massive explosion is heard from the house on fire.
It was like a scene from a superhero movie with him running out of the building, while the man he rescued was tossed over his shoulder, and the building completely engulfed in smoke and massive flames. What an absolute badass!
The hero remains unidentified, but he did undergo a checkup at the hospital to make sure he was unharmed. He’s good to go and one of the bravest human beings I have ever seen. It’s not every day you get to watch a video of a man who walked into a burning home to rescue a stranger.
Below is the raw footage of the rescue, along with what happened right before and immediately after. This is amazing.
As we all know at this point, true heroes remain anonymous like a boss and this man is certainly a hero! We’ll probably never know who he is, but we do know he’s out there and watching over people in his community.