They (whoever they are) say, “The best way to spread Christmas Cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.” But I think the brilliant people at Maryville Nursing Home in Oregon have managed to find a better way. A much better way: A festive Christmas alpaca! What is this that I am even typing right now? A Christmas alpaca? That’s a thing now? Of course it is!
When I saw the pictures that follow, my mind was completely blown by this therapy alpaca named Napoleon dressed up in the finest Christmas gear I have ever laid eyes upon. He was rockin’ red reindeer antlers, colorful tinsel & baubles, and of course a badass snowman blanket. Or maybe it’s considered a jacket for an alpaca? I don’t know, but it was amazing! His outfit was christmassy enough to shame Santa Clause back up the chimney when he shows up to deliver presents, because he’s coming to your house underdressed for sure when Napoleon is around.
The elderly people living at the nursing home got an extra bit of joy put into their hearts by Napoleon the Xmas Alpaca. Numerous pictures were taken, including some selfies and happiness was felt throughout the whole nursing home, just as it should be… especially during the holiday season. They had a beautiful tree at the home, but Napoleon stole the show for sure.
Next year, please send Napoleon to my house for a joyful visit and make sure he’s wearing his most majestic Christmas outfit. I really want to meet this magical alpaca whose job is solely to spread bliss among all the people he meets. Wonderful!