When Grandma Nelly knew she was about to turn 90 years old, she did what any boss lady about to turn the big 9-0 would do. She challenged a professional basketball player from the NBA to a pick up 1-on-1 game to celebrate her birthday. And, of course, teach that guy a lesson about taking on a woman with that much life experience.
Being a huge Miami Heat fan, the choice of who to challenge was obvious. Her favorite player in the game: The Heat’s very own and easily one of the most dominant players in the National Basketball Association, Dwyane Wade. He gladly accepted the challenge and spent time with Grandma Nelly on her 90th birthday just like she requested. Of course they also took to the court for some 1-on-1 action. I think Grandma Nelly won the championship game!
The professional basketball player is a great guy and a true gentleman on and off the court. Spending time with a 90 year old fan on her birthday is just part of what makes Dwyane Wade such a class act and a boss among NBA players. He really showed Grandma Nelly a good time, when they faced each other one-on-one on the court, and she won’t soon forget her 90th birthday. I hope she has another amazing celebration like this for her 100th birthday in ten years!
We’ll leave you with this kickass picture of Dwyane Wade hugging Grandma Nelly courtside at one of his games. That’s what being boss is all about. Being a leader and star basketball player in the NBA isn’t just about being a force on the court, it’s also important to provide for the fans that support you in your quest to becoming the greatest basketball player you can be. Dwyane Wade is certainly one of the NBA’s guys doing this to the maximum and I can only applaud him  for what he did to make a grandma’s bday extra special.