NFL wide receiver Andre Johnson for the Houston Texans is a boss on and off the field. He’s currently in his 12th season as a Texan and out of the last 11 he’s played for them, he surpassed 1,000 receiving yards seven times (and 1,500 receiving yards three times). He is one of the few players in the NFL that have stayed loyal to a single team and he has been to the Pro Bowl seven times.
He is also one of only 43 NFL players in the 10,000 Receiving Yards Club. Needless to say, Andre Johnson is an elite wide receiver in the National Football League and will likely continue to dominate on the field for a few more years before he hangs up his jersey and is most likely inducted into the Hall of Fame.
Off the field, Johnson is extremely active with charity work and has even founded his own charitable organization called the Andre Johnson Charitable Foundation. One of his annual events for the past eight years has been to take 12 underprivileged kids selected by Child Protective Services on a bosslike holiday shopping spree.
He takes the 12 children to Toys “R” Us and the rules are simple: Grab as many toys as you can in under 80 seconds! Kids are allowed to grab gifts for themselves and their siblings. Whatever they can grab in 80 seconds is theirs. For the past two years, the totals on the receipts were approximately $19,500 and $17,300.
This year, Johnson upped his holiday shopping spree game by making sure each of the 12 kids got a bicycle and a gaming system, plus all the toys they could collect in the 80-second time limit. The total ended up being $16,000 this year, which works out to roughly $1,300 spent on each kid. That is plenty of cash to spread some Christmas joy! Some of the Houston Texans’ cheerleaders were also there to witness it all go down and pose for pictures with the kids.
We think Andre Johnson’s holiday shopping spree for these children is an awesome Xmas tradition and we hope he continues to do this every year like a boss! Whether you celebrate Christmas or another holiday, we wish you a very happy holiday season. Hopefully you get to stuff your face with some cookies and also end up with a new gaming system like these lucky kids!