Through exposure therapy, research show that VR-glasses help to heal trauma and PTSD

VR-glasses help to heal trauma and PTSD. The future is here.

For people struggling with anxiety, trauma or PTSD, everyday life is not always easy. In addition, it is difficult to recover from it. For some, suffering becomes a lifelong nightmare.

Now, recent research has found a new way to help, and it’s both exciting and futuristic.

Virtual Reality Glasses has proven to help PTSD, and is now also used for treating Depression, claustrophobia and other mental health issues. With using Virtual Reality the therapist can control the exposure in exposure therapy, and maximize the effect. This can be the future for mental health, and we are exiting about it.

When people are treated, we are aiming for them to go back to a normal life, free from the anxious feelings, says Virtual Reality Society.

We love this, and are rooting for the future.

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