We came across this really awesome Halloween story that we desperately wanted to share with you. We got permission from the lady who told it, so here it is. While the boss (literally and figuratively) over here at the Like A Boss offices was browsing through Facebook, he came across an incredible woman named Karen, who — for the past few years — has been making one child’s Halloween about as special as it can be!
I could re-write the story, but really she told it so perfectly and in such a heartwarming way that I’m really better off just quoting her! Expect some emotional turmoil when you read this. It’s very touching and inspiring to read. Without further ado, here is the lovely Halloween tale from Karen:
‘Here’s the story: One Halloween about 4 or 5 years ago, as the little kids came to the door, one little boy stood out to us as he looked at the candy in the bowl and just smiled and walked away! I called back to him, “You didn’t grab anything!” He just smiled and his parents replied, “That’s okay. He’s very allergic and can’t have anything with nuts.” I grabbed Skittles and some hard candy and said, “Wait, he can have this.” They quickly responded, “No, he can’t actually. They are made in the same place and he cannot risk it. It is life threatening for him and, actually, even the wrappers touching others is a risk!” The little guy looked at us and smiled, and said, “It’s okay. I am used to it. I just like looking!”
Well, I started to cry! He was so genuine and truly acted like such a big boy that my heart ached for him and I was embarrassed that I did not know or have anything for him!
I thought about him for weeks!! It bothered us so much!!! We didn’t even know him or his family! I knew he was with another neighbor that we know, so I asked about him again and they knew exactly who I meant, and agreed it was sad. I told them next year to please send him to our house no matter what!
That is when we made the decision to buy a pumpkin (the one the kids use for collecting candy) and fill it with small little toys such as Legos, puzzles, match box cars, etc. The first year he came back, he was so surprised and his parents had tears in their eyes! He came the next few days with a thank you note!!!
Now, he comes every year and just smiles (sometimes I am not sure who he will be dressed up as, so I have to get a hint from the other neighbors). One time, I didn’t recognize Darth Vader!!! And he just smiles and says to his mom or dad as he walks away, “That’s my special house!!!” A few days later, he and his dad come with a thank you note that he has written and it’s embarrassing as I cry every time!!!
I just thought, when I saw the article about the teal pumpkin, I could share what we do as a tip for others!! It’s fun collecting for him and it is so fun surprising him and hearing his other friends say, “You got a whole pumpkin full of stuff just for you!!!”‘
You can see the Halloween pumpkin bucket the allergic little boy got last year in the picture above. No wonder the other kids envy him a little bit. He’s got some really cool stuff in there!
Let’s use this uplifting story from Karen to raise awareness about food allergies this Halloween. Depending on the severity of the allergy a child may be suffering from, they are unable to take any candy while trick or treating.
Sometimes, even just touching the wrapper of a piece of candy they’re allergic to is enough. Many types of candy that would normally not cause an allergic reaction are produced in the same factories that also produce candies that the child is allergic to, which means they can’t eat those either!
If you’re able to, please provide safe alternatives (i.e. small toys) for children with allergies this Halloween. Be a boss like Karen (who is pictured below with her husband)!
Share this post with everyone you know and help make Halloween better for children suffering from food allergies!