This past Saturday, 27 year old Kaleb Whitby was cruising down I-84 in eastern Oregon in his pickup truck, when black ice caused a massive pileup that involved more than a dozen massive semi trucks. Sandwiched between two big rigs in the midst of the violent pileup, his truck — with Whitby inside — was crushed to the size of about one person.
That one person was Kaleb Whitby, who miraculously walked away from the horrendous accident with just a few scratches (after waiting in the wreckage for over half an hour). He said he needed two band-aids and a bag of ice for his minor injuries, and that was it! That’s how you survive a 26-vehicle pileup like a boss to say the least.
A long stretch of Interstate 84 ended up completely closed for most of the day as crews cleaned up spilled fuel and dozens of vehicles that were either severely damaged or stranded. Thankfully, no one died during the gigantic pileup, but a few people were unfortunately more seriously injured than Whitby. Our sincerest thoughts go out to them and their families. Get well soon!