Kyle ‘Epic’ Mendoza runs a channel on YouTube where he provides instructional videos for those wanting to learn parkour and also shows off his parkour skills (which he’s acquired over the years). Parkour was developed loosely based on military obstacle courses and is essentially about getting from point A to point B in an efficient manner utilizing the human body and the person’s surroundings.
Elements of parkour include running, jumping, climbing, and rolling. Kyle enjoys a good challenge and has a brilliant dog named Nissa, who is an in-shape border collie that will make you question reality in the video above. He decided to teach his dog how to parkour and the results speak for themselves as you can see. Wait until you see this insanely gifted dog doing parkour and running up a wall like it ain’t no thing!
Using a frisbee and their surroundings, the two parkour enthuasiasts (one human and one canine) decided to have a fun time creating a cool slow motion parkour video, which I hope you enjoy! I certainly did.