The feeling must be exhilarating, when you hit the barrel wave of a lifetime as a surfer. Koa Smith, a professional surfer from Hawaii, did just that a couple months back when he hit a barrel wave and rode through the tube for an incredible 27 seconds. It all happened off the coast of Namibia in Africa at Skeleton Bay, which is a world-renowned spot for great surfing. It’s extremely hard to find waves so perfect.
Lucky for us, he also had a GoPro camera strapped to him that allowed him to capture these blissful 27 seconds of surfing that you can view in the video below. For his brilliant video, he won the “GoPro of the World” contest, winning him $20,000, a GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition, and probably a bunch of other cool stuff we don’t even know about because the $20k check is so overpowering!
On his FB page, he posted, “I didn’t know about the “Gopro of the World” contest till right before I paddled out for this session.” His brother mentioned the GoPro competition to him and he decided to paddle out and give it a try. Needless to say, he won! He went on to write, “The waves were as good as waves get. There was potential for minute long barrels across miles of perfectly groomed sand. When I paddled into the wave it looked like a mid sized set, not expecting much I pulled into to the barrel. It felt endless. After 27 seconds of pumping in the barrel my hardest I finally made it out. I was so happy I had a gopro to capture the moment that I’ll cherish forever.”
What an unbelievably thrilling experience it must’ve been inside that wave. Maybe I should learn to surf.