Lola is a 4-year-old dachshund, whose owners were forced to give her to an animal rescue group when she required a $6,000 back surgery that they couldn’t afford. Part of the deal, when you give up your rights to your dog to such an organization, is that you won’t be able to see your dog again.
Sumey and David Hageman — Lola’s owners — were devastated to have to give up their dog, but she needed the surgery and there was no other option for them. Veterinarian Michael Wong was scheduled to perform the $6k surgery on the dog, when he found out that the reason she was given to the animal rescue group was financial.
Without hesitation, he contacted the organization and arranged to do the surgery for free and give the Hagemans back their beloved dog Lola for Christmas. David Hageman was in on the amazing surprise beforehand, but Sumey was stunned beyond belief when she found out. She put it simply, “This is the best Christmas gift I could’ve gotten.”
Lola and her owners were excited to be reunited and it was a beautiful moment to celebrate Christmas and the beginning of the road to recovery for Lola. She had a tough week, but now things are definitely looking up and she’s back together with the family she loves. Her tail will be wagging well into 2015!
We hope you had a joyous Christmas, if you celebrate it, and hopefully you got some awesome gifts. It’s unlikely they were as awesome as getting your dog back though!