#10. Burrito-stuffed sausage wrapped in Bacon

This bad boy is for proffesionals only. Found at the “Smoking meats forum” this is made with a Jimmy Dean sausage, a Taco Bell double cheesy beef burrito and of course, our good friend bacon. You could go through all the effort of making this, but I would only advise if you are very drunk, and ready to puke afterwards.


#9. Bacon taco shell

The effort that goes into this, just to mkae ONE taco is insane, But must be so worth it. You have to create a square bacon weave, placing that on top of a bowl and cutting the ends off to make it a circle. To cook it, you let it hang on a stick between 2 pint glasses and put it in the oven. When its done you fill it with whatever you want and you can go to bacon heaven.


#8. Bacon House

Home sweet home, I can only imagine what the bacon furniture must look like. If they made this in human size than real houses would be a thing of the past. If only they could last without fear of someone coming and eating my patio.


#7. Bacon Mug

To answer your question, yes you can actually drink out of it. The cup is made with a mixture of Swiss cheese and bacon so that the holes are stuffed for optimum drinking. And once you’ve had a few drinks out of it i’m sure eating it is an even better experience.

#6. Bacon Horse head

I don’t know whether to be sick or hungry with this one. It’s actually a frame made of wires covered in bacon, sculpted to perfection to look like a horse head. I wonder if there is actually a way to cook this? It could only turn out to be Delicious.

#5. Bacon AK-47

IF only this could fire, I think most of mans problems would be solved. It took about 8 hours to craft, using a blow torch to cook the bacon and mold it together. I’m sure you would want to wear gloves when dealing with this weapon of mass deliciousness otherwise known as the BA-K-47.

#4. Bacon AT-AT

This is just rediculous. Using foam to construct the body, this machine stands at 3 ft. tall and is actually made by the same person who constructed the BA-K-47. (See Above) Using an impressive 40 pounds of bacon, this is a worthy follow up to a bacon constructed gun. The only question is to who will eat all of this bacon?

#3. Bacon Skyrim helmet

I can only imagine the acne on this guy the day after. It was constructed with the intention of eating, using enough bacon to feed several people, this helmet actually had alot of work going into it. To cook it, they covered the entire structure in bacon for stability. You better believe it was enjoyed.

#2. Epic Meal Time’s “TurBaconEpic”

This is a mouthful, literally. This badboy starts with 5 birds (Quail, Hen, Duck, Turkey, Chicken) with bacon bits inside AND THEN wrapped entirely in bacon. That concoction is put into a pig that has been seasoned on the inside, sewed up and then, you guessed it, wrapped in bacon. The EMT team smoked the pig for the best thanksgiving imaginable and then served it with Baconator’s from Wendys. Someone is probably on their way to the hospital just from reading that.

#1. Bacon Kevin Bacon Portrait

Nothing beats creativity. Our #1 bacon creation is a beautiful bacon portrait of Kevin Bacon, made by artist Jason Mecier, who makes celebrity portraits out of different items and food. The shading on his forehead just looks so real, I’m sure that this took more than a few tries to perfect. The only question left is where can i order one and what temperature should I set my oven to?