We have long known that bacon is one of the most heavenly savory foods on the planet, so we decided to make a list of our 10 favorite recipes using bacon as the key ingredient.
1. Bacon & Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Combining sweet and savory into one… with a hint of booze, these delicious cookies infused with bacon and bourbon whiskey will satisfy you in ways you’d never previously imagined! You can grab the full recipe here.
2. Bacon Cocktail Weenies

Whether you need some exquisite bacon snacks for a party or you just want to combine sausages and bacon into one for an epic breakfast or brunch, these cocktail weenies wrapped in bacon will not disappoint! Snatch up the recipe for them here.
3. Turbaconducken

A turducken wrapped in bacon. You really can’t go wrong with this! It’s a chicken wrapped in bacon inside a duck wrapped in bacon inside a turkey wrapped in bacon. The whole thing takes about 8 hours to cook. Find out how to make it here.
4. Bacon Mac & Cheese

This would make a perfect side for your turbaconducken. Some delicious macaroni and cheese upgraded with… you guessed it! Bacon! Check out the full recipe here.
5. Bacon & Egg Toast Cups

Putting breakfast into bite-sized snacks, these bacon and egg toast cups are easy to make and utterly delicious. You’ll start your day off right with some bacon like a boss! View the full recipe here.
6. Cheddar & Bacon Chicken Tenders

Take your baked chicken tenders to the next leve with some cheddar cheese and of course bacon. You can grab the full recipe here. Boss tip: Upgrade the recipe by making the bacon bits yourself from fresh bacon strips and swap out some of the breadcrumbs with mashed up corn flakes to add crunchiness!
7. Whipped Bourbon-Infused Bacon Sweet Potatoes

If you like sweet potatoes as much as we do, then you’re going to love what is essentially mashed sweet potatoes made more awesome with bacon and bourbon whiskey! When you’re done drooling, read the full recipe here.
8. PB&B&B Sandwich also known as The Elvis

Dubbed ‘The Elvis’ because it was Elvis Presley’s favorite sandwich, the peanut butter & banana & bacon sandwich might cause you to grow more taste buds to realize just how delicious it is. Grab the recipe here and enjoy. Boss tip: Replace the bread with bacon weaves. Lawd!
9. BLT Sandwich

We simply couldn’t make this list without this true classic. A bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich. Here is a great recipe for it.
10. Bacon Potato Pancakes

Simple and to the point, these things are scrumptious! The recipe is here.
Now that you know what to do with it, go get some bacon and share this with your friends and family!