Get on that grind. I’m talking about grinding coffee of course. Coffee grounds can be used for all sorts of awesome things. Here are 15 life hacks with coffee grounds!
1. You can use coffee grounds to make playdough that smells like… coffee. Get all the details here.

2. Place your coffee grounds on a cookie sheet and put them in the freezer for a couple hours to thoroughly dry them. Then stuff them in your pin cushion, because they’ll prevent your pins from rusting!

3. Use coffee grounds to catch cockroaches! Just dump some coffee grounds into a can and line the inside of the can with double-sided tape. The scent of the coffee grounds will attract roaches and they’ll be trapped on the tape!

4. Some coffee grounds on a rag can help you scour pans more efficiently. Don’t use this method on ceramic or other dishes that can easily stain.

5. When you sweep your chimney, add some damp coffee grounds to it in order to avoid that dusty cloud you’ll usually get performing this chore.

6. Coffee grounds are excellent odor absorbers. After chopping things like garlic or onions, rub some coffee grounds on your hands to remove the odor!

7. Make some DIY garbage disposal cleaners out of coffee grounds. The full recipe for them is here.

8. Unclog your sink or bathtub drains with coffee grounds. Pour used coffee grounds down the drain, then three drops of dish soap, followed by a pot of hot water.

9. Utilize a box of used coffee grounds to absorb odors in your fridge.

10. Adding coffee grounds to your dog’s shampoo acts as a natural flea-repellant.

11. Throw coffee grounds on ice in the winter to make your driveway or sidewalk less slippery and melt the ice quicker.

12. Some flowers change colors when the pH level of the soil changes. Adding coffee grounds to the soil of hydrangeas for example turns them blue!

13. Keep worms in your yard. They are attracted by coffee grounds. Worms are excellent for the soil in your yard. They turn it and also fertilize it naturally!

14. Keep slugs, snails and other bugs out of your yard. Unlike worms, these aren’t always great for your garden and the acidity of coffee grounds will let them know to STAY OUT!

15. This one is a simple tip to get coffee grounds, if you don’t drink coffee yourself. Most coffee shops will give used coffee grounds away for free!

Now you know how to improve your life using coffee grounds. I’m off to have a cup o Joe!