While craving watermelon sculptures sounds like a weird idea at first, people carve all sorts of things into pumpkins every year for Halloween. These watermelon sculptures are way more delicious than pumpkins and they’ll be something to talk about at any summer pool party they’re displayed at. Imagine if you do it with a vodka watermelon…
This Great White carved out of a watermelon will scare the crap out of kids and you can chew this thing’s face off.

This Norse warrior of ancient times carved into a watermelon will raid your hunger with his delicious watermelon flesh!

Eat ya later, alligator! The details on this alligator head are amazing.

We’ve always wanted to try bear.

Angry Baboon
This monkey-looking watermelon carving looks pretty pissed about something. Did you take his banana or something?!

Native American
Puff, puff, pass the peace pipe and then I’m gonna eat your face! Is it racist that his watermelon skin is red? Sorry, Chief!

All kindz of different flowers to appreciate, ladies! These are our gifts to you. Enjoy!

Sweep the leg. No mercy.

‘Merican Watermelon
A sweet watermelon with the American flag carved into it. Why? Because… ‘Merica! (We’re sorry this one’s not movie quality.)

Death Star
Have you ever wondered if Darth Vader likes watermelon? Here is your answer.

And we are off to go stuff our faces with some watermelon! Yummy!