Like most people, we love bacon. We love its delicious flavor and alluring scent. So why not infuse everything on the planet with the epicness that is bacon? That’s exactly what the creators of the following products asked themselves, before they decided to make their products beyond awesome with the help of bacon.
This premium vodka is flavored with delicious bacon. Perfect for your breakfast cocktail!

Bacon Coffee
If you want to start your morning right, you should be using this artisan roasted coffee from Boca Java, which is flavored with maple bacon! A specialty flavor indeed.

Mayo that tastes like bacon, because “everything should taste like bacon.”

Peach Bacon Ice Cream
This stuff might be the only good thing to ever come out of Delaware. Maybe.

Bacon Cotton Candy
We don’t like that it’s artificially flavored, but we do like that it’s bacon flavored.

Bacon Drink Tabs
These effervescent drink tabs taste like bacon, in case you want bubbly water that tastes like bacon. Who wouldn’t want that?! Maybe they will cure a cold too. It’s worth a shot!

Bacon Gumballs
Get out of here with your minty fresh gum. We want that bacon flavor!

Bacon Beans
Jelly beans that taste like bacon. Need we say more?

Bacon Ketchup
Take your fries & ketchup to the next level with this bacon-infused ketchup variety that has a bearded pig on the label.

Bacon Lollipop
It’s all natural and tastes like maple bacon, so it MUST be good for you!

Bacon Deodorant
This Power Bacon deodorant stick is meaty fresh. If you want to smell like bacon, you need this.

Bacon Shaving Cream
This goes perfectly with your bacon deodorant. If you’re going to shave, the least you can do is to make your baby face smell like bacon in the process like a boss!

Bacon Soap
Wash your hands or your entire body with this soap to give yourself that irresistible bacon scent.

Or maybe you prefer body wash?

Bacon Floss
Do you hate it when brushing and flossing your teeth kills off that delicious bacon taste in your mouth? Then you clearly need some floss that puts the bacon taste back in your mouth after brushing.

Bacon Toothpaste
Why wait for the floss to add bacon flavor to your mouth, when you can already have it with the toothpaste?!

Bacon Frosting
Because birthday cakes should ideally taste like bacon.

Bacon Sunscreen
Stay safe and smelling deliciously like bacon this summer at the beach.

Bacon Soda
Not baking soda, bacon soda!

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