Remember this epic scene from the show ‘Eastbound & Down’? (Warning: Graphic language in the video.)

Well, we won’t be pouring any beer on your head, but we will be giving you some facts about it!
Beer Foam Is Important
Whether you enjoy the foamy head of a beer or not, if it’s not there then there’s a good chance your beer is flat and/or tastes bland. A complex carbon-dioxide reaction forms the foam in your beer that develops the head.

Amsterdam Alcoholics Get Paid In Beer
In Amsterdam, they have a government program that pays alcoholics with beer to clean up city streets. They also get 10 Euros and some rolling tobacco!

The World’s Strongest Beer
Brewed by a Scottish brewery called Brewmeister, “Snake Venom” is the world’s strongest beer with 67.5% ABV. (Regular beer usually has about 5%.)

Beer Prevents Kidney Stones
A beer a day reduces your kidney stone risk by 40%. Drink up (in moderation).

Czechs Drink The Most Beer
Per capita, people in the Czech Republic consume almost 40 gallons of beer every year. Maybe it’s because Budvar (sold as Czechvar in the United States) is one delicious beverage!

The Most Expensive Beer Is Belgian
Belgium is well-known around the world for brewing fantastic beer and they also have the most individual beer brands of any country in the world. One bottle of Vielle Bon Secours costs about $1,000, which makes it the world’s most expensive beer!

Valhalla’s Goat
The Vikings believed that when they got to Valhalla (the equivalent of Heaven), a goat would supply them with unlimited beer! The fear of an empty glass is called cenosillicaphobia, but that’s not something Vikings were worried about when going to Valhalla!

Held from late September to early October, the largest beer festival is Oktoberfest held in Munich, Germany. 16 days of pounding beers brings about 6 million people to Oktoberfest every year.

50 Million People Are Drunk Right Now
At any given moment, about 0.7% of the world’s population is hammered. Most of this is caused by beer!

Beer Is Kind Of Like Weed
Not really, but hops are in the same flowering plants family as marijuana!