A pizza is an oven-baked flat bread and it is usually topped with tomato sauce, cheese and various other toppings (i.e. ham). Modern pizza was invented in Italy as the Neapolitan flatbread, but even in ancient Greece it was common to cover bread in oils, herbs and cheese.
Pizza today comes in numerous varieties and the possibilities are seemingly endless. You can get anything from a deep dish pizza to a pizza on a stick! So let’s get right to the coolest pizza pies we found.
Mickey Mouse Pizza
This would be wonderful for any kid’s birthday!

Pizza Pi
Perfect if you’re a nerd who loves math!

Superman Pizza
If you want to become strong like the man of steel, you better shove this pizza directly into your face!

Batman Pizza
I’m Batman!

Octopus Pizza
Holy crap, that thing is huge! Can I eat all of that? Well, maybe…

Pokemon Pizza
Gotta eat ’em all!

Football Pizza
Football, beer and pizza go together far too well not to make some football-themed pizza pies.

Heart Pizza
These are terrific for any romantic occasion that calls for some homemade pizza.

Mortal Kombat Pizza
Finish it!

American Flag Pizza
Because ‘Merica loves pizza!

Cat Pizza
No cats were harmed making these adorable cat face shaped pizza pies. At least we hope not! Anyone remember that ‘Samurai Pizza Cats’ show?!

Yoda Pizza
Pizza you must have, my young Padawan.

Forever Alone Pizza
Dinner for one!

Angry Birds Pizza
Slingshot that thing into my face hole.

Now go make some cool pizzas like a boss. Don’t let these pizzas have all the glory! Share this post with everyone you know who loves pizza. (Who doesn’t?!)