In Toronto, an old bus was converted into a really helpful food truck that goes way beyond regular food truck status with its amazing impact on the city as a whole. Toronto’s Mobile Good Food Market is a community project that brings healthy produce — often local fruits and vegetables — to low-income neighborhoods that sometimes don’t have easy access to well-stocked grocery stores.
These underserved communities within Toronto, Canada are now given the opportunity to buy fresh produce without the need of a vehicle to access it. Public transit is also very limited in a lot of these areas, which makes this amazing food truck an even more viable and sensible option for these people. People in the community also get the chance to request certain foods that will then be delivered to them via the food truck the following week.
Working together, the City of Toronto, Food Share, the United Way, and the CAMH/University of Toronto Food Initiative have partnered up to make this possible and lend a helping hand to low-income neighborhoods. The result will be an overall healthier and happier Toronto, which is obviously desirable to anyone living there. The impact is most noticably felt by senior citizens, who are often unable to get to places with fresh produce when they live in some of these isolated areas.
We really believe this project is wonderful and uplifting. Hopefully more cities around the world will follow Toronto’s lead to make healthy food available to more and more people, regardless of their income. Not only does the Mobile Good Food Market food truck make fresh groceries more available to people that otherwise couldn’t get to them, but it also serves as an inspiring gathering place for people of these small communities within Toronto to come together and spend some quality time with each other.