In Valley City, North Dakota, a boss named David Brekke and his wife Kimberly decided to renovate an old bank and turn it into a coffee shop. They fittingly called it The Vault.

While it’s pretty cool that they turned a bank into a coffee shop and gave it a cool name, that’s not why it’s bosslike. The reason we’re writing an article about them is because they don’t have any employees.
No one works at The Vault coffee shop, because it runs on the honor system. The shelves are stocked regularly and the place is cleaned of course, but no staff is employed at The Vault to serve customers.

You simply go in, grab your cofee or tea, and maybe a pastry or five, pay with cash or credit card and enjoy! Prices are clearly marked, so you can add up your own total to pay.

Does it work? Are people really that honest? Yes, it works. And yes, people are that honest! The business hasn’t broken even yet, but that’s because the couple still has to pay for the renovations that were required to turn the bank into a coffee shop.
Revenue is actually 15% above what would be coming in if customers were just paying the marked prices, so people are even tipping at this unique coffee shop run on the honor system!
Our faith in humanity has once again been restored. This time by an amazing coffee shop in North Dakota called the Vault, where honesty and trust reign supreme!