Fast food may be extremely bad for your health, but it’s fast and sometimes it even tastes good. It’s food. If you don’t feel like cooking and don’t have a lot of time to eat at a real restaurant or you’re broke-as-a-joke, fast food is probably a very solid option.
While you may enjoy fast food from time to time or every single day, you probably know very little about it. Here are some interesting facts about the fast food industry that you are shamefully (not so much) unaware of!
1. White Castle Was The First Fast Food Chain
Established in 1921, White Castle is generally credited as being the first fast food chain in the United States. Another fun fact: Until the 1940s, White Castle sliders cost only five cents! Read it and weep, stoners.

2. McDonald’s = Largest Toy Distributor Worldwide
Each year, McDonald’s sells 1.5 billion toys around the world with its Happy Meals. 20% of McDonald’s sales involve Happy Meals and they used to cost just $1 back in 1979 when they were first invented.

3. Burger King = Hungry Jack’s In Australia
If you’re ever in Australia and go looking for a Burger King, you won’t find one. They’re called Hungry Jack’s there and they’re all owned or sub-licensed by Australian businessman Jack Cowin. The Burger King franchise currently has over 300 locations in the land down under.

4. Jason Mraz Grows Avocados For Chipotle
If you eat the guacamole at Chipotle Mexican Grill, there is a slight chance singer Jason Mraz grew the avocados used for it!

5. Special Subway Restaurant At World Trade Center
During the construction of the World Trade Center, there was a special Subway restaurant installed that could serve workers on whichever floor they were working on!

6. After Leaving KFC, Colonel Sanders Was Disgusted By Their Food
After selling KFC in 1964, it only took a few years for Colonel Sanders to be disgusted by what they were doing. After he called their gravy “wallpaper paste” mixed with “sludge”, Kentucky Fried Chicken tried to sue him for libel in 1975 without success.

7. More People Eat At McDonald’s Daily Than Live In Great Britain
Every day, more people go and have a meal at McDonald’s restaurants around the world than the combined population of Great Britain!

8. Shaq Owns 10% Of Five Guys
The legendary NBA player Shaquille O’Neal owns 10% of all Five Guys joints in North America.

9. Pizza Hut Delivers To Space
Pizza Hut actually made a delivery to space. They developed a special pizza that could be consumed in space and actually delivered it to people living in space at the International Space Station back in 2001. The pizza was vacuum sealed and 6 inches in diameter, so it could fit into the space station’s oven! It was eaten by Russian cosmonaut Yuri Usachov.

10. Waffle House Sells More Steak Than Any Other Restaurant
They’re probably counting their chopped steak though…

11. B.M.T. Stands For…
The “B.M.T.” in Subway’s popular Italian B.M.T. sandwich actually stands for Brooklyn Manhattan Transit.

12. IHOP Omelette Secret
The International House of Pancakes adds pancake batter to their omelettes. That’s why they’re so fluffy!

13. Wendy’s Founder Dave Thomas Got His GED At 61 Years Old

14. Panera Bread Insisted Burritos Are Sandwiches
Panera Bread had a deal with a shopping mall to be the only sandwich shop in the building. When Qdoba Mexican Grill tried to open up shop, they sued them… claiming burritos are sandwiches. A judge disagreed after the testimony of food experts.

15. 75 Burgers Per SECOND
McDonald’s sells 75 burgers every second.

Now you know more about the fast food industry than you will ever need to. Maybe I should go stuff my face with some cheese burgers…