The following five snack ideas are healthier than the usual junk you’re most likely feeding your children. Let’s be honest, you’re probably eating some unhealthy snacks as well! These probably won’t make your kids want to decapitate you, so there’s that too. And they’re delicious, so you’ll want to eat them as well.
We’re not saying you should replace healthy meals with these snacks, but for indulgences inbetween they’re genius!
Trail Mix Dark Chocolate Bark
We told you why chocolate is so awesome in a previous article, so combine that awesomeness with some delicious trail mix and you’ll be filled with healthy energy! Grab the full recipe here.

Apple Chips
If you have a dehydrator, these are incredibly easy to make in bulk. An oven will do as well though! You can get the simple recipe here.

Mango Fruit Rollups
These take 10 minutes to prepare and 4 hours to bake. What’s in them? Mangos! Yeah, that’s it. 100% fruit. The full recipe is here.

Brownie Granola Bars
These amazing, chocolatey granola bars will blow you away and they only take 45mins to make! Pick up the recipe here.

Sweet Potato Chips
Sweet potatoes have a ton of fiber, vitamins and other vital nutrients you shouldn’t be missing out on. These sweet potato chips are delicious and make a great replacement for regular potato chips. Believe it or not, these are made in a microwave, but they don’t suck. Get the recipe here.

That’s it! Now you have five healthier snack ideas in your arsenal like a boss. Boom! I’m so hungry now.