Jello shots or gelatin shots (vodka jelly or jelly shots in the UK) were invented in 1862 by a guy named Jerry Thomas. The original recipe calls for gelatin, cognac, rum, and lemon juice. Today, there is of course a large variety of jello shot recipes to choose from. Here are some gourmet jello shots to make getting hammered off of gelatin snacks infused with booze more classy!
Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots
Grab the recipe for these amazing margarita jello shots embedded into real strawberries here.

4th of July Jello Shots
Perfect to celebrate Independence Day in the United States with, these red, white and blue jello shots infused with vodka are a delicious way to get drunk before blowing your hands off with fireworks. (Just kidding, don’t blow anything up when you’re wasted.) The full recipe is here.

Lime Margarita Jello Shots
Taking the idea from the strawberry margarita jello shots in a more citrusy direction, these look terrific and give you that true margarita flavor! Grab the recipe here.

French 75 Jello Shots
The classic cocktail turned into a jello shot. Poppin’ bottles of champagne to make some fancy jello shots! Fetch the recipe over here, monsieur.

Some Cool Creations from the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen
You can check out all of it here, but below are our favorites!
The sugar cookie pudding shots are another great one for the 4th of July!

Espresso martini jelly shots will wake you up and get you drunk at the same time. Maybe even in style!

We had no idea white cake flavored vodka even existed, until we found out about these birthday cupcake jelly shots!

Boston cream pie jelly shots, because you’re fancy!

Valentine jelly pops can be used for any romantic occasion that also involves eating jello shots.

While this might remind some Americans of the soccer loss to Belgium, these waffle jelly shots are still amazing!

The Bramble jello shots look very prestigious.

If you like root beer, you’ll love these root beer barrel jelly shots. Root beer flavored vodka is also a thing.

Are you a pretty little princess? Then you’ll love these blackberry cosmopolitan jello shots.

Great for people who love Maraschino cherries, getting hammered… and rainbows. Enjoy your cherry rainbow jello shooters!

Serve one of these jello shots at your next party and people will be blown away by your bosslike alcoholism skills. We promise (maybe).