If you’ve ever wondered what it would take to become an absolute boss at grilling, we’re about to unveil some secrets of the trade with 10 amazing BBQ/grilling tools.
1. Bear Claw Meat Shredders

They’re called Bear Paws and they allow you to shred meat like a beast (namely a vicious bear without remorse). So slow cook and/or smoke some pork butt and shred it to pieces for some delicious shredded BBQ pork sandwiches!
2. Tactical Chef Apron

Come prepared for anything that could possibly happen to you while grilling. This is what it’s like to be part of the SWAT team as a boss grillmaster!
3. Branch Skewers

Why would you use regular wooden skewers when you could be using these bad boys?! Please grill in style, gentlemen.
4. BBQ Gloves

Why would you expose your bare hands to extreme heat when you could be rockin’ some sweet gloves like these? Seriously, what were you thinking?!
5. Meatball Grilling Basket

Flip meatballs one at a time on the grill? What are you? Some sort of imbecile savage? Get a meatball grilling basket and save time. Never lose another meatball when it rolls off the grill again!
6. BBQ Branding Iron

Brand the meat you’re grilling with whatever you want it to say using some custom BBQ branding irons. Why? The question you should be asking is, “Why the heck not?!” We definitely need a Like A Boss steak branding iron.
7. Cheese Melting Dome

You ever watch a cooking show where they make a deliciously scrumptious cheeseburger and use one of those domes to melt the cheese? Well, you should be using one too, if you want to be a boss at grilling!
8. Tactical Grill Fork with Laser

A frickin’ grill fork with a frickin’ laser beam attached to it! Just in case your power goes out and you’re living in complete darkness like a caveman, but still want to roast some hot dogs on the grill like a boss!
9. 60 Second Charcoal Starter

If you grill with charcoal, this is an absolute must have item for any grill boss. Start your charcoal in 60 seconds instead of waiting for what seems like an eternity. This thing spits out some blazing-hot air, so stay safe and don’t try to use it while drunk.
10. Wing Rack

Grill your chicken wings evenly without having to turn them. You also won’t risk burning them this way! These amazing wing racks come in various sizes with different wing capacities. You can use them in the oven too!
Now that you know what you need to grill like a boss, get out there and fire up that grill! We’re hungry.