When you want a rare or blue rare steak, you should sear it over extremely hot heat. What’s hotter than lava? Not much, so these people decided to sear their ribeye steaks over 2,100°F hot lava. They also threw on some corn on the cob for good measure.
Once the lava is flowing out nice and hot and bubbling on the dry ice, place your grill grate above it to get it nice and hot.

Toss on your ribeyes or whatever steak you want to sear and enjoy the scent of sizzling beef filling the air. It won’t take long at all to blacken them and get that scorching, crispy sear you won’t even encounter at a five star restaurant (unless they’re cooking with lava too).

Grilling your steak with lava will literally only take a few moments, but the preparation might take longer if you don’t have an erupting volcano in your backyard!

The steaks actually turned out really well and there isn’t a more bosslike way to grill steaks that we can think of. If you have a crazier idea than this on how to grill steaks like a boss, share it with us.