If you’re ever in Draper, Utah, you should stop by the Serving Time Cafe, where inmates from the local women’s federal prison serve food to the public.

That’s right, this restaurant operated by the local prison is open to the public. Anyone can go there to eat and you probably won’t even get shanked. (We guess you might have a higher chance of getting stabbed, if you’re a bad tipper.)

While the name of the cafe is clever, the idea is even more bosslike. It puts federal prison inmates to work for the public and gives them something constructive to do. It also teaches them a skill they can use to get a job, when they are released.

The menu is also pretty bosslike, as it goes along with the whole prison theme. Naming desserts felonies is pretty damn appropriate! As you can tell from the menu written on a whiteboard, the food is extremely affordable. Correctional officers, along with other random people, often come here to eat.

Prepared and served by prison inmates in the open for everyone to see, the food at the Serving Time Cafe is delicious!