If you are under the drinking age where you live, please leave. If you are an alcoholic trying to stop being an alcoholic, please leave. Everyone else, enjoy these drinks responsibly!
1. Root Canal Float

Whoa mama! This is a great twist on a root beer float. The root beer and vanilla ice cream will cause you to require a root canal. Adding bourbon whiskey to it will enable you to sit through a root canal!
1 can of cold root beer
2 shots or more of bourbon whiskey
1 big scoop of vanilla ice cream
Mixing instructions:
Grab a mug.
Pour in the whiskey shots.
Add the can of root beer and stir for 5 seconds.
Top with vanilla ice cream and serve it! Do it now! Quick!
2. Vodka Watermelon

This is more of a booze snack than a drink, but it does create watermelon flavored vodka. It’s just inside a watermelon you also get to eat!
A seedless watermelon
You’ll also need a syringe.
Extract as much water as possible from the watermelon with the syringe.
Inject the watermelon with vodka periodically as deep as possible. Try to only make one or two holes in the watermelon and keep using the same hole to inject vodka.
Let the watermelon rest for at least a day so the vodka has a chance to spread throughout it.
Cut up your watermelon and enjoy!
Note: Most people just cut a hole into the watermelon and shove a vodka bottle into it, but we believe the syringe method is more effective.
If you want to go completely nuts with this idea, you can make a Long Island Ice Tea Watermelon like a boss!

3. Whiskey Lemonade

This one is a classic and very easy to make. You probably already have the ingredients at home! There are a ton of variations on the recipe with various flavors of lemonade and different types of alcohol, but our favorite is still the traditional whiskey lemonade.
3 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
2 tablespoons of your favorite whiskey (we prefer Maker’s Mark for this)
2 tablespoons of simple syrup
Lemon zest
Note on how to make simple syrup: You’ll need two parts sugar, one part water.
Bring the water to a boil, stir in the sugar and keep stirring until it’s fully dissolved, remove the pan from heat and allow the simple syrup to cool. Store it in a bottle! You can use it as a sweetener for numerous cocktails and other drinks.
Mixing instructions:
Combine lemon juice, whiskey, simple syrup over ice in a glass.
Garnish with lemon zest.
Add a splash of water or club soda, if you want to!
4. Raspberry Mango Sangria

Sangria is a traditional drink from Spain and Portugal, which usually consists of wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener and a small amount of brandy. The varieties of this classic are endless, but people seem to love this variation with raspberries and mangos! Sangria is generally served in a large bowl with numerous straws to allow people to share it! You can make individual servings though, if you think that’s disgusting. (It is a little bit.)
A mango
1 cup raspberries
3 tablespoons of raspberry liqueur
1 750ml bottle of rose wine
4 cups of chilled lemon-lime-soda
Mixing instructions:
Peel, pit, and thinly slice the flesh of the mango lengthwise.
Grab a pitcher or a large bowl.
Combine the mango, raspberries, raspberry liqueur, and rose wine in your pitcher or bowl.
Put that bad boy in the fridge for an hour or overnight.
To serve, add the lemon-lime soda and ice.
5. Summer Hoedown

People love beer and watermelon and this drink right here combines them! What could possibly go wrong?!
A seedless watermelon (6lbs preferably)
2 tablespoons of granulated sugar
1/4 cup of maraschino liqueur (i.e. Luxardo)
4 (12oz) bottles of witbier (Belgian white beer) … We recommend Allagash White, if you can find it. Other options would be Blue Moon Belgian White or Hoegaarden Original White Ale.
Mixing instructions:
Remove the rind of the watermelon and dice it.
Over a large bowl, set a fine-mesh strainer.
Put half of the watermelon in your blender and liquify it (takes about a minute).
Pour the blended watermelon into the bowl through the strainer.
Use a spatula to push the juice through the strainer until you only have pulp in the strainer.
Throw away the pulp and repeat the process with the other half of the diced watermelon.
You should end up with about 6 cups of fresh watermelon juice.
Add sugar to the juice and stir until it’s dissolved. This should take about 2 minutes.
Put it in the fridge for 1 1/2 hours or until you’re ready to use it.
When you’re ready to serve, add the chilled watermelon juice to a 3-quart pitcher.
Add maraschino liqueur and beer.
Stir gently to combine.
Enjoy your Summer Hoedown!
And that wraps up our list of delicious summer drinks that have a nice sweetness to them. Please share this post with your drunken friends!