We just wanted to share with you how crazy burgers can really get. I feel like we should be including some type of heart disease warning with this article.
The Douche Burger
Touted as the most expensive burger in the world, the Douche Burger was actually sort of a joke with a $666 price tag, but then someone actually ordered it! It contains a foie grass stuffed Kobe beef patty, which is wrapped in gold leaf with caviar. On top of that, they put lobster and truffles. The cheese used is Gruyere melted with champagne steam. If that wasn’t enough, they also utilized a special BBQ sauce made from Kopi Luwak (also known as civet coffee), which is the most expensive coffee on the planet.

Donut Cheesesteak Burger
If you want to give yourself a heart attack and diabetes at the same time, here is the answer to all your misguided prayers!

Mac & Cheese Burger
Utilizing delicious macaroni and cheese to create a bun is an idea that is simply brilliant!

Juicy’s 777lbs Burger
It probably tastes awful. A meat patty that size can’t be good, but it looks boss regardless. Served at a place called Juicy’s Outlaw Grill, this 777lbs monster of a burger should be illegal!

Deep Fried Hot Pocket Burger
The ultimate poverty indulgence. How can you make hot pockets even more unhealthy? Deep fry them and use them as buns for your burger obliterated in various types of cheese.

The Pizza Burger
Combining pizza and a burger into one is a genius idea! Let’s be honest, this choice can be rather difficult to make on a Saturday night.

Dirty Sanchez Baja Burger
Mi amor! As my arteries clog, I will continue to devour you.

Cinnabuns didn’t have much protein before, but now they do!

The Lasagna Burger
Another classic Italian dish merged with a burger.

Deep Fried Twinkies Burger
I see bacon, so I’m going to endorse this one!

The Dark Vador Burger
The French fast food joint Quick released this for one of the Star Wars movies. It quickly became a sensation due to the black bun. It’s not burned. That’s just food coloring!

1,000 Slices Of Cheese
In Japan, you can add as many slices of cheese as you want to your burger at Burger King. Some crazy guy ordered 1,000 slices and this was the result!

The Spaghetti Burger
Italian cuisine and burgers go really well together.

Crab Cake Burger
Do you love seafood and burgers? Who doesn’t?! Instead of a bun, just use crab cakes!

Mediterranean Burger
I heard the Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest in the world, so this burger must be good for me!