The Ferocious and aggressive ant called the Liometopum is the main ingredient in this dish. They use the ants’ larvae which resembles small beans mixed with some other disgusting insect parts. The most popular way of eating these ant eggs is with guacamole or in a taco. Imagine Going to Taco Bell and having them sneak this shit into your meal. Gross!

9. Balut

This popular egg dish is one of the many common street foods that people eat in the Philippines. Imagine a baby duck that has not fully developed inside its egg which has been boiled alive. Balut is eaten with vinegar and a dash of garlic which does not hide the fact that there is a fucking duck fetus inside.

8. Sannakji

A dish from Korea that is made with octopus and has been quickly cut into small pieces which is served fresh. The pieces are scattered on a plate and seasoned with sesame and oil to supposedly make it go down the throat easily. Since the tentacles are still alive some try to latch onto the throat or other parts of the digestive system. The thought of octopus tentacles swimming around your belly and even wiggling out your ass would be an unpleasant surprise.

7. Tuna Eyeball From Japan

There is nothing like a relaxing lunch date at a japanese restaurant until the chef comes out with a fishy dish that has you in shock. As you look at the dish thinking “What The Fuck!” it stares back at you with a fierce gaze as if to know that you are the poor soul consuming it. Tuna Eyeball is what it gets its name from, a dish made with just the eyeballs of a fish.

6. Khash

This Farsi dish literally means “head and hoof,” but don’t let it fool you. It’s not the only ingredient mixed in. It is made with dirty cow feet and other cow parts, such as the stomach and the head. There is no salt or other spices added, it gets its flavor from the stomachs contents and the juices in the brain.

5. Blodpl├Ąttar

Normal people have Pancakes for breakfast but in Finland and Sweden they give pancake a whole new meaning. Blodpl├Ąttar is a special pancake made with blood and meat from a reindeer. The whipped blood is fried to a crisp in a frying pan. If Finland had an IHOP it would be wise to order the waffles instead.

4. Fruit Bat Soup

This is one of the more exotic dishes that is on list of fucked up foods. Fruit bat soup is on the menu mostly in asian restaurants. Travelers in parts of Guam, Thailand and China can buy the bats in markets and eateries. Some of the dangers of eating the flying mammal is that they sometimes harbor strains of dangerous diseases like SARS and Ebola.

3. Ox Penis

There is no way that a real man could fathom a penis inside or anywhere near his mouth; so this has to be a female dish right? Ox Penis is a common dish in parts of Jamaica and China which is said to be a strong natural aphrodisiac. The penis or penis’ are boiled in special soups or fried and eaten by itself. At least put some fucking hot sauce on it DAMN!

2. Century Eggs

According to the legend these eggs have been accidentally discovered back in the Ming Dynasty in China. They are referred to as millennium eggs or thousand-year eggs, but they are not actually preserved for a thousand years. Century eggs are prerserved for weeks or months using quicklime and ash. The yolk tuns into a shitty dark green color and the whites turn into a dark colored jelly. Your best bet would be to hold your nose while eating these and prepare thy anus.

1. Deep Fried Trantula

Finally! Number One on this list is the deep fried trantula so if you are arachnophobic you might want to skip this one. If you have the chance to visit Cambodia, you should definitely try this eight legged cuisine. Just make sure they are correctly cooked you don’t want any live fuckers crawling around in your body laying eggs!