Hungry people will eat some questionable foods, especially masochistic college kids, who probably came up with the following 13 fast food combos that are a testament to how gluttonous the human mind can be. Sometimes food is just food to you, even if it’s a completely grotesque combination of severely unhealthy junk foods. For your entertainment and possibly consumption (how could you NOT?), here are some of the absolute worst/best junk food concoctions from the minds of the ultimate eaters. Whether you call this list the lucky or unlucky thirteen depends on your beliefs about the number 13 and junk food.
1. Pizza Burger
Sometimes you don’t have burger buns around the house to make a delicious and nutritious (to some extent) cheese burger. Maybe you do have some personal pizzas that you can use as buns? I’d eat that!

2. Tony’s BLT
Tony is a man’s man and uses an entire pound of bacon for his gigantic bacon, lettuce & tomato sandwich. Because bacon.

3. Mexican Funnel Cake
Most people think of Americans when they think of enormous portions of insanely unhealthy food combinations, but the Mexicans also qualify as Americans technically. This Mexican funnel cake is made with churros, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and strawberries. The strawberries clearly counter all the junk, so this is a healthy snack.

4. The Giantwich
A human child for scale. The Giantwich is basically every awesome sandwich on the planet added to a stack of other awesome sandwiches and topped with onion rings. Do you want fries with that? Of course you do.

5. Maple Bacon Doughnut
Adding maple glaze and bacon strips to an already massive donut is really the only way to do it. (By “it”, I mean get DIABEETUS.)

6. Deep Fried Apple Dumplings
Don’t stare at these for too long or your arteries will begin to clog up.

7. Chicken Wings Wrapped In Bacon
Chicken wings are pretty fatty, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wrap them in bacon strips to increase the grease factor tenfold.

8. Elvis Doughnut
The Elvis is traditionally a peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwich. It was Elvis Presley’s favorite sammich and we’re sure he wouldn’t mind you substituting donuts for bread.

9. Meat Mountain
Some people want to climb Mount Everest and other people want to eat a mountain of meat with some cheese and bread inbetween to call it a sandwich.

10. Mammoth Burger
The way this list is shaping up, this doesn’t seem so ridiculous to me anymore. It’s starting to look like an average entree to be honest.

11. Monster Baby Meat Sandwich
Stack bread and various types of meat as high as a baby to make this one. I know babies are the other other white meat, but please don’t eat this one.

12. Doughnut Breakfast Burger
When you use donuts to serve as buns for bacon cheese burgers, they miraculously turn into the ultimate breakfast sandwich.

13. Kit Kat Lasagna
Could we finish this list any other way?