This food truck is called 900 Degreez. The front of it is all glass, so customers are able to see the magnificent pizza chefs at work as they prepare and bake an amazingly delicious pie inside the wood-fired oven. Guess how long a pizza takes to bake in there. 90 seconds! Yup, a minute and a half until your pizza is ready to stuff your face with. This is how boss pizza is done.

The massive 35-foot behemoth of a food truck drops a hefty 33,000 pounds on the scale and the wood-fired oven that creates Italian-esque pizza weighs in at a whopping 3,500 pounds of that! In fact, this food truck is so enormous that the person driving it has to have a commercial drivers license. The all-glass panel that customers can look through to watch what goes on inside the food truck is made up of 900 pounds of glass!
On the menu: Artisan pizza, garlic knots, Italian breads, baguettes, and various other mouthwatering baked goods that will satisfy any appetite. It’s all prepared by Chef Drew Soifer, who is a graduate of New England Culinary Institute. Let’s just say he knows what he’s doing in there, because he even worked at the 4-Seasons previously!

The only question that remains: Would you eat there? And if not… what’s wrong with you?!