Ida Frosk is based out of Norway and creates deliciously beautiful art using plates as her canvas and food as paint! These healthy snacks would have any kid (or adult for that matter) ready to eat immediately, all thanks to how adorably they’re presented.
Dino-mite Breakfast
This dinosaur themed breakfast plate was created with bread, cheese, bell pepper, olive, and spring onion.

The Searious Sea Crab
Not sure if I’d prefer this over real crab, but I’d still eat it. The ingredients were watermelon, apple, dried blueberry, kiwi, and almond flour.

The Scalloping Seahorse
Pretty sure she didn’t even use scallops though. It’s just pineapple, yogurt, dried blueberry, kiwi, and almond flour.

King of the Sand Castle
You will never be king. I will eat your castle! Ingredients: Yogurt, biscuit, and strawberry.

Happy Breakfast
Pancakes and Nutella? My body is ready. The other ingredients in this are jam, yogurt, peach, and dried blueberry.

I guess Ida Frosk really loves the dinosaur theme. This one is a peanut butter & banana sandwich done with style. The only other ingredient is kiwi.

Seas the Day, Go and Play
This seems like the perfect snack for a beach day. Ingredients: Bread, cream cheese, bell pepper, strawberries, apple, clementine, and dried blueberry.

The Tyrannosaurus Wrecks It All
Another dinosaur! How ferocious that T-Rex looks! This masterpiece was created with bread, pesto, cucumber, basil, carrots, grapes, and cucumber.

Toadily Hoppy Breakfast
Made with apple, pancakes, raisins, and yogurt.

Cold Breakfast
I don’t know how I feel about eating penguins first thing in the morning. The ingredients for this one are bread, cheese, olives, and carrots.

Funny Tasting Clown
More like delicious! Ingredients: Pancake, yogurt, jam, raspberries, clementine, and blueberries.

The Egging Cat
It’s made with bread, hard-boiled egg, cream cheese, pumpkin seeds, raisins, and cucumber.

Sandwich Castle
I guess I have to eat another castle. Ingredients: Bread, cream cheese, gherkins, carrots, crisp bread, carrots, and celery.

True art made with toast, watermelon, hazelnut butter, plum, mango, cheese, apricot jam, Nutella, cranberry, and coconut.

American Gothic
Created with toast, ricotta, prunes, dates, sesame seeds, poppy seeds, sugar peas, and kiwi.

Hungry? I don’t blame you. I’d eat all of those masterpieces without hesitation and they even look very healthy. Beautiful and good for you! Go play with your food.