Did criminals from the 1920s have more class than modern day thieves? In this series of 10 badass police mug-shots, the criminals appear to be a tad more tasteful with their fancy suits, shined up shoes and bowler hats. The pictures are more like a photo-shoot than mug-shots.

1. William Stanly Moore was found guilty of selling opium and fake cocaine.


2. “Harry Leon Crawford” was arrested and charged with murdering “his” wife but was exposed to be Eugeni Falleni, a woman and mom who had somehow passed as a man since 1899. “Crawford married a widow, Annie Briskett in 1914. Three years later she mentioned to a relative that she had found “something out about Harry” she disappeared.

3. This lad was found guilty of breaking and entering into an army warehouse where he stole boots and overcoats, a total value of 29 pounds and 2 shillings.

4. Unknown.

5. A simple thief.


6. Unknown.


7. Cecil Landan would acquire goods from warehousemen by dishonestly depicting himself as a businessman.


8. An old school safe cracker!


9. Kong Lee was a repeat offender convicted multiple times for blowing safes open and basic thievery.



10. This con man manipulated buyers to purchase suburban building blocks at highly inflated prices and made them belive they could be resold for a large profit.