Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right gift for a man, so we’re making it easy for you like a boss.
1. Whiskey Wet Shave Soap

While we don’t recommend ever shaving your beard, we understand some situations call for this atrocity and what better way to send off a glorious beard than with some whiskey?!
2. Slim Wallet

It holds everything a man really needs and keeps it organized like a boss. Time to toss out those old, big-ass, leather wallets, gentlemen!
3. Wallet Phone Case

This is more of an ammendment to the slim wallet idea than anything else. They make slim wallets that are also a phone case. The one pictured above is for the iPhone 5, but they make them for other phones as well.
4. Stainless Steel Freezable Shot Glasses

Without having to use ice, these bad boys cool shots down to the desired temperature. It’s much more convenient and doesn’t water down your booze! These are also way more stylish than regular shot glasses, so everybody wins.
5. Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

This is about as manly as a pen holder can get! No one will mess with a guy that has this thing sitting out on his desk. You might get stabbed (with a pen)!
6. Meat Branding Iron

What kind of man doesn’t want to put his name on the steaks he’s grilling?
7. On/Off Alarm Clock

The Lexon Flip is an extremely simple alarm clock. It does what it should and nothing else. Simply flip the entire alarm clock to turn it on or off. It’s unique and absolutely brilliant!
8. Spin Chill

This thing can cool your beer in 1 minute. Need we say more?!
9. Football BBQ Set

If he likes football, he’s going to love these BBQ tools with a football theme.
10. Rox

These are ice cubes that look like rocks, which makes them bosslike by default. Daddy drinks because you cry.
We hope you find something on the list for the important men in your life. It is our primary mission to turn you into a bosslike gift giver. (Or is it?)