What follows is a list of 10 epic ways to improve your home and turn it into a badass, stylish crib that will blow the minds of your friends like a boss. These are listed in no particular order, because they’re all incredibly awesome.
1. Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat

At first, this may seem like a stupid and useless idea, but consider the following scenario: We’re sure you’ve had this happen to you before. You wake up in the middle of the night having to use the bathroom and you somehow manage to make it there without banging your legs on every piece of furniture on the way, because you’re trying to avoid turning on the light to either not wake up your significant other or unleash hell on your eyes. (Maybe both.)
Now it’s time to pee and you either have to aim (if you’re male) or manage to sit down without killing yourself (if you’re female) in complete darkness. Your options are limited. Risk injury, urine all over the place or even death… OR get yourself a glow in the dark toilet seat that charges up during the day from any light source and glows all night. Giving you darkness-adjusted-eyes-friendly lighting when you need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. Plus… it just looks bad ass!
Boss Tip: If you want to take this to the next level, there is also glow in the dark toilet paper!
2. Turn Beer Bottles into Drinking Glasses

Whether you’re a raging alcoholic or just someone who enjoys a beer on occasion, you might have some empty beer bottles laying around that you can easily repurpose into drinking glasses. The picture series below shows you just how to do that! (There are also tutorial videos on YouTube.)

3. Coffee Beans & Tea Light Bowls

Toss some coffee beans in a bowl with a tea light. The warmth from the tea light will cause the coffee beans to give off a nice scent. This is especially useful, if you stink really badly.
4. Wood Pallet Chair

If you’re a little handy, you can probably pull this one off.
5. Store Small Items on Your Fridge

Use some old tins (or anything else light enough) with magnets glued to the backs of them to store small items (i.e. pens) on your fridge. This is practical and might mean you lose a few less pens in your lifetime.
6. Empty Toilet Paper Roll Cord Storage

Use empty toilet paper rolls to store cords. This is an extremely cheap way to avoid getting cords knotted together.
7. Turn Wood Pallets Into Shelves
This is a pretty good way to create some cheap shelves that can look nice. Below are two examples of what we’re talking about.

8. Increase Pantry Storage Capacity with Wire Pencil Holders

9. Hidden Passage Way Bookshelf Door

In case you need a secret room hidden by a door that looks like a bookshelf. Who doesn’t need that?! You could hide all kinds of things: Drugs, guns or maybe the bodies of your slain enemies. Just saying…
You can either buy one of those doors or make it yourself. (There are a few tutorials on YouTube for this DIY item as well.)
10. Wine Barrel Dog Bed

If you can get a wine barrel, you can make two awesome dog beds out of it. These actually look awesome and seem like a fun project, if you own a dog.
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