What follows is an exquisite selection of animated GIFs displaying nature with some of the stunning views that make it so incredible. This is how you capture Mother Nature at work like a boss! You will notice how soothing and calming a lot of these images are. They may even inspire you to go out and find some of these beautiful places!
1. Snow Owl

What a majestic looking bird perched on that wooden fence as snow fills the air.
2. Sunrise

Witnessing a sunrise at a nice beach can be an exhilarating way to start your day.
4. Blooming Mushrooms

This is a fantastic time-lapse GIF of some Amanita muscaria mushrooms blooming to maturity. Just don’t eat them. (You’ll die.)
5. Flowing River

A very soothing animated GIF of a flowing river.
6. Polar Bear Cubs

Two cute polar bear cubs make their way out of the mother bear’s hibernation den for the first time in their lives.
7. Snowy Waterfalls

Icy water continues to flow down the waterfall as the surrounding environment is completely covered in snow.
8. Glow in the Dark Jellyfish

Whoa. Mind = Blown
9. Lava

Molten magma flows out from beneath the Earth’s surface in this beautiful display.
10. Tornado

Such a devastating force that can take homes and lives at will. It looks like a wind tunnel straight to the heavens!
We hope you enjoyed these gorgeous animated GIFs of nature and share them with your friends and family!