While it can be difficult to always make healthy lifestyle choices, the following ten are so simple you’re just missing out not doing them. They take very little effort and the payoff is feeling better and being more healthy! Something we all want.
1. Drink More Water
Chances are you aren’t drinking enough water. If you’re thirsty a lot, that’s a good sign you aren’t getting enough water, because by the time you feel thirsty you’re already dehydrated! Start your morning with a couple glasses of water, after 8 hours of no water while you slept, to get things going. From there, aim for about a gallon of water if you’re an average male and a little less if you’re an average female.

2. Exercise
Find something you enjoy doing. That might be running, rowing or lifting weights, but it might also be getting into bar fights. Choose wisely and do it 3+ times per week. Walking and stretching counts too!

3. Make Your Bed
Your mom told you this for a reason. It establishes a routine, gives you an early morning accomplishment and sets you up for a nicely made bed every night!

4. Take A Cold Shower
It will feel terrible at first, but it will energize you, improve your circulation and also strengthen your weak-ass immune system!

5. Smile
Smiling will trick your body into thinking you’re happy until you actually are happy. Start today! You’ll be relaxed and your mood will be enhanced thanks to the hormonal changes smiling will trigger in your body. All free of charge!

6. Stop Shopping While You’re Hungry
You’ll buy less junk food and other crap you shouldn’t be eating.

7. Stop Drinking Soft Drinks
They might taste great, but they’re calorie bombs of doom. Not only that, but they’ll increase your risk of obesity, diabetes and dental problems. Who needs that shit? Just drink water!

8. Eat Your Fruits
Do not drink them as fruit juice. Not only are you missing out on fiber when you’re drinking fruit juice, you also tend to get added sugar and other addititives along with the natural fruit juice. You won’t have these things poisoning your body by just eating whole fruits instead!

9. Daily Media Break
Take a break from all media for at least an hour per day to simply relax. Work up to the hour, if you have to, but that should be your goal. No phone, no TV, no computer, nothing tech-related. Do it!

10. Take The Stairs
You’ll get in some extra exercise without even going to the gym. Skip escalators and elevators whenever possible. Climbing stairs will strengthen your body a little bit as well!

Now you have some simple lifestyle tips to get you started. Take it step by step and you’ll be on your way to a healthier lifestyle longterm!